The game of poker certainly has an equal chance of winning and losing, depending on how players can manage the game with the cards they get. But sometimes there are times when we can change the presentation of your winning chance from only 50% to 90% with certain tricks.

Winning in playing poker is what all gambling players want, including yourself, right? but usually that desire is sometimes just a hope that we can’t win when playing.

The game of poker itself is a game that is quite difficult to win because this game does not depend on the type of card you have but by using the methods and techniques you use in the game.

Most people think that big cards like AK determine the chances of winning that can make you win the match. The fact is that this is a lot of nonsense in the game of poker, let alone poker, which uses real money as the bet.


Have you ever had an AK card and did you all-in without thinking judi online terbaik? it turns out that this method actually brings defeat in your game because you are defeated only with cards worth 2 and 3 that the opponent has. How come? surely you think that they are cheating on the game, that’s real WRONG! Why can?

With the explanation we have provided above, you must have understood that the game of poker does not depend on what card value you get. This game must require skill and experience to play. Of course there are also cheating techniques that can make you win the poker game itself.

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On this occasion we will provide you with how to play poker with powerful techniques to use in your poker game.

But before entering into a discussion of specific techniques, you should consider the tips for playing poker below.


The most basic technique that you must know is how to play poker itself. You must know all the basics of the game of poker such as the type of cards, the order of cards, the value of the cards, and so on that can affect your winnings.


Pay attention to your opponents by seeing how they play. An example that often appears is in a condition where your opponent often folds then in the next round he does ALL-In, this condition is that the card he has is a high value card so he doesn’t hesitate to make an all-in bet.

After you understand the basic ways of playing poker, the next step is to enjoy a special technique that we will teach you.



Namely by bluffing your opponent even with a mediocre card. This technique is a powerful way that you can apply to the game of poker. However, this technique should not be used too often because the opponent will be able to read your movements.

If you’ve won a lot of games with this technique, we recommend switching shirts next. So you can play with opponents who haven’t seen your technique. So you won’t get caught and can continue to use this technique.

In bullying your opponent can use 2 methods as follows:

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  • Pure Bluff

The way to use this technique is to directly bully your opponent when the card has just been distributed by the dealer, if you have a card that is quite large, put it directly so that your opponent panics so that they are afraid to continue the game, this method is useful so that other players mentally not focus and rush because you have opened the card first.

  • Semi Bluff

This method can be done at the end of the round, namely by doing an all-in at the final opportunity to place a bet. But this technique must pay attention to the situation and also the conditions because it is very risky if there are opponents who have high-value cards or pairs. If other players CHECK often from the start you can do this technique. But if there are other players doing RAISE in that round, you better not use this method.

Those are some special techniques that you can use in the game of poker so that your chances of winning are greater than before.