Sports Betting Terms: Gambling soccer online

Sports Betting Terms: Gambling soccer online

There are many unique terms associated with sports wagering. Bookmark our glossary of betting terms and use it as a reference if you come across an unfamiliar word or phrase while placing bets.

Accumulator: A parlay bet in North America, accumulator wagers consist of two or more agen bola sbobet selections and each side must win (or push) to create a winning ticket.

Action: Any live wagering option or the total amount wagered on a specific event. Bookmakers accept action on all posted betting odds.

Across the board: Three horse racing bets that cover a horse to win, place and show.

Added game: Appear on betting boards after main lists are posted. They are common in college football and mainly appear due to public demand. An added game may also be a postponed match, like a rainout in baseball, from the previous day.

AET odds: After extra time (AET) odds are posted primarily on soccer matches when extra time is added at the end of regulation time due to in-game stoppages. AET odds are offered as live betting options.

Also ran: An athlete, horse, or greyhound that doesn’t finish in a paying position during a race.

Alternate lines: Odds that are higher or lower than the main posted line. Common with point spread and game total betting in basketball and football.

American odds: American odds are in a “big three” group that also includes fractional and decimal odds. American moneylines posted at (-110) are the same as 1.91 decimal odds and 10/11 fractional pricing. All three formats return a $100 profit on a winning $110 wager.

Ante-post: Futures odds on horse and greyhound races that are posted at least one day prior to a race. Ante-post odds are common on Triple Crown races like the Kentucky Derby.