A game that is very popular around the world which provides many advantages if not online gambling. This game has various types of games that you can play but here we will only provide information about what games are in high demand in 2019 below.


Roulette is one of the games found in the casino, the name of this game comes from the French which means “Small Wheel”, The way the game starts from the city that will turn the wheel of this game in one direction, and continued by throwing the ball to the direction of the tilted surface is circular in shape, with the opposite direction causing the ball to rotate around the wheel.

The ball will fall on one of the surface of the wheel daftar akun judi rolet, more precisely on the 37 or 38 colored squares and numbers on the wheel. If the iron ball lands exactly on the number you choose, that is a condition where you win the game by getting a payment of up to 1:35 .


Poker is an online gambling game that is well-known and most in demand by gambling players in the world. This game uses playing cards, which contain 52 cards. The main objective of this game is whoever gets the 5 strongest card combinations then will win the bet.

It is not easy to play the game of poker, before playing this game you must have mentally, instincts and instincts that are honed in reading the flow of the game. These are the factors that have led to poker’s popularity and have produced the largest number of gambling communities around the world. There are many competitions every year from America and Europe, the prizes you can get if you win this competition are very large.

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The determination of the winner in the game of poker is determined by the combination of cards that each player has in his hand. There are several variations in the number of cards that can be distributed in the distribution.

To win poker, of course, you have to know the order of card combinations from the highest to the lowest in this game below is the order:

  • Sraight Flush is five cards in a row and also of the same type.
  • Four of a Kind is four cards of the same value, such as having 4 king cards.
  • Full House : Three cards of the same rank and two cards of another same rank. Examples of Ace – Ace and 7 – 7 – 7
  • Flush : Five cards of the same suit. Examples of Ace – Ace and 7 – 7- 7
  • Straigh t: Five cards in a consecutive rank of cards of a different suit . Example: As (daimon), 2 (spade), 3 (heart), 4 (curly), 5 (spade).
  • Three of a Kind : Three cards of the same rank, Example: 5 (spades), 5 (love), 5 (curly), 5 (daimon), 5 (love).
  • Two Pairs : Two cards that have the same rank and are of the same suit as two other cards of the same rank of the other suit. Example: 7 (love), Queen (curly), Queen (daimon), King (love), King (daimon)
  • One Pair : Two cards of the same rank . Example: 5 (daimon), king (spade), Ace (curly), 7 (curly), 7 (love).
  • High Card : If the hand does not have the above combination, then the card combination can be seen in the order of the highest to lowest cards owned of any type of card. For example: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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Domino QQ is a game where you use domino cards for the ingredients. This game consists of 28 cards, dominoes have different numbers of dots.

This game is played with 2-6 players in each round. This game starts by distributing 4 cards and you have to combine them into 2 that have the highest value.

The combination of cards will be looked for with the highest value, the player who gets the highest value from his card will be determined as the winner. The domino card value is measured from the sum of 2 cards, by taking the back number of the card.

Players in a domino game, at the beginning of the round, will bet and increase the bet amount if they want to take the fourth card. Players who do not place bets will be considered as losers. If in Indonesia in certain areas, people call the game “four cards”.

So first this article, the next online gambling game will be continued in the following post. Hopefully the information we provide can add to your insight in the world of online gambling.