Hello, my boss, see you again at Solaire99. Today’s Online Gambling Site with the best online IDN poker products . IDN Poker is an online poker site with the largest network in Asia that applies an online progressive jackpot system. So for my boss who doesn’t know what Progressive jackpot online means, maybe you can see our explanation of the progressive jackpot slot product first. The IDN Poker network online poker player has reached more than 150 thousand players, you know. So my boss can imagine how big this jackpot network is.

Solaire99 is also an online poker site officially licensed from bmm testlabs and certified by PAGCOR. Our standard deposit and withdrawals time is only 3 minutes. My boss doesn’t need to hesitate, any winnings will be paid in full. How many people play IDN poker online Solaire99. Actually, not only online poker can be played here, the IDN site offers player VS player games. So what can you play on the IDN site?

IDN Poker Player VS Player Online Game

Online Poker
Domino QQ online
Capsa Susun online
Ceme online
Ceme Around online
Omaha online
Super 10 online
All of these games can be played by only creating 1 user ID in Solaire99. You don’t need to download anything, boss. To play, you only need an ordinary internet connection using a computer or smartphone. The security system in playing is definitely guaranteed by my boss and our online poker game is pure Player VS Player without bots.

Online Poker Gambling

Poker Gambling Game is a card game with bets on each round. This game of poker is very exciting because it is a game that drains thoughts and courage when playing. The hand does not always have to be good or superior to win this game of poker. That’s why there is a term Poker Face or Bluff in this game. It could be that poker players with weak hands can win the match because they dare to raise the bet.

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The game of poker starts with placing the small blind and the big blind starting the match. When it is dealt, each poker player will be given 2 cards in hand. Then the dealer will open 3 cards in the middle of the table and the betting begins. The card will be opened up to 5 times. Where every 4th and 5th card opening, poker players link alternatif sbobet will place bets starting from left to right following the clockwise direction.

There are 3 choices during the game round, namely:
Call: follow the bet
Raise: increases the nominal amount of the bet
Fold: give up or not take part in the bet
So what is really fun about playing poker? The fun of playing poker is to make a combination of 5 cards on the poker table and 2 cards that are distributed in the hands of the players.

9 Combinations in idn poker in descending order:
Pair (pair: same number)
Double Pair (two pairs: same number)
Three of a kind (three pairs: the same number)
Straight / Series (five cards: consecutive numbers)
Flush (five cards of the same element or symbol)
Full House (a combination of three of a kind and a pair)
Four of a kind (four pairs of the same number and 1 other number card)
Straight Flush (five cards in sequence and the same symbol)
Royal Flush (10-Jack-Queen-King-USA of the same symbol)
So, you can imagine the exciting combination of poker games. Winning is easy when my boss plays tactics. Our advice is not to indulge. Just give up my boss and raise the stakes when you have the item in hand.

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Domino QQ Online Gambling

Another game that is no less exciting is Domino QQ, also called Gaple. This Domino QQ game is ingrained in Indonesian gamblers. This game uses small cards with dots or circles instead of numbers. Domino QQ is not much different from Poker, Domino QQ Gambling is also a card combination game as follows:

5 Combinations in Domino QQ Gambling
Six Gods (Each card has a total of 6)
Balak (Each card has the same number or pair)
Large Pure (Total value of at least 40 if in total)
Pure Small (Total value does not exceed 9 if total)
99 / QQ (Each pair of two cards has a total score of 9)
Why is this game called QQ, because the history of this domino is a game from China with the number 99 which is read qiu qiu. The qiu qiu game is very exciting and is very popular in Indonesia. To the extent that there are also many android and ios developers who make the Domino QQ game application for free.

Online Capsa Susun Gambling

Another player VS Player game that is of interest is capsa susun . This Indonesian capsa game is very well known and very popular. Why? Because many Indonesians have learned how to play this capsa from childhood. This capsa susun game is again a game of the art of arranging card combinations. Where players will be dealt cards totaling 13 in total. And arrange in the order 5-5-3. The combination that is targeted is similar to poker. Such as pairs, straight, flush, full house, 4 of a kind, straight flush and royal flush. The difference is that the highest card on the stack is 2 of spades and the lowest card is 3 diamonds.

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